Week 14, 2017

ACC - AtlanticConfOverall%
ACC - CoastalConfOverall%
1Georgia Tech logo Georgia Tech0-00-00.000
2Miami logo Miami0-00-00.000
3North Carolina logo North Carolina0-00-00.000
4Pittsburgh logo Pittsburgh0-00-00.000
5Virginia logo Virginia0-00-00.000
6Virginia Tech logo Virginia Tech0-00-00.000
Big 12ConfOverall%
1Iowa State logo Iowa State0-00-00.000
2Kansas logo Kansas0-00-00.000
3Kansas State logo Kansas State0-00-00.000
4Oklahoma logo Oklahoma0-00-00.000
5Oklahoma State logo Oklahoma State0-00-00.000
6TCU logo TCU0-00-00.000
7Texas logo Texas0-00-00.000
8Texas Tech logo Texas Tech0-00-00.000
9West Virginia logo West Virginia0-00-00.000
The American - EastConfOverall%
1Connecticut logo Connecticut0-00-00.000
2ECU logo ECU0-00-00.000
3South Florida logo South Florida0-00-00.000
4Temple logo Temple0-00-00.000
5UCF logo UCF0-00-00.000
Big Ten - WestConfOverall%
1Iowa logo Iowa0-00-00.000
2Minnesota logo Minnesota0-00-00.000
3Nebraska logo Nebraska0-00-00.000
4Northwestern logo Northwestern0-00-00.000
5Purdue logo Purdue0-00-00.000
6Wisconsin logo Wisconsin0-00-00.000
Conference USA - EastConfOverall%
1Florida Atlantic logo Florida Atlantic0-00-00.000
2Marshall logo Marshall0-00-00.000
3Middle Tennessee logo Middle Tennessee0-00-00.000
4Western Kentucky logo Western Kentucky0-00-00.000
5Old Dominion logo Old Dominion0-00-00.000
6Charlotte logo Charlotte0-00-00.000
Conference USA - WestConfOverall%
1North Texas logo North Texas0-00-00.000
2Rice logo Rice0-00-00.000
3Southern Miss logo Southern Miss0-00-00.000
4UTEP logo UTEP0-00-00.000
5UTSA logo UTSA0-00-00.000
1Brigham Young logo Brigham Young0-00-00.000
2Notre Dame logo Notre Dame0-00-00.000
3UMass logo UMass0-00-00.000
Mid-American - EastConfOverall%
1Bowling Green logo Bowling Green0-00-00.000
2Buffalo logo Buffalo0-00-00.000
3Kent State logo Kent State0-00-00.000
4Miami-OH logo Miami-OH0-00-00.000
5Ohio logo Ohio0-00-00.000
Mid-American - WestConfOverall%
1Central Michigan logo Central Michigan0-00-00.000
2Eastern Michigan logo Eastern Michigan0-00-00.000
3Northern Illinois logo Northern Illinois0-00-00.000
4Toledo logo Toledo0-00-00.000
5Western Michigan logo Western Michigan0-00-00.000
Mountain West - MountainConfOverall%
1Boise State logo Boise State0-00-00.000
2Colorado State logo Colorado State0-00-00.000
3New Mexico logo New Mexico0-00-00.000
4Utah State logo Utah State0-00-00.000
5Wyoming logo Wyoming0-00-00.000
Pacific-12 - NorthConfOverall%
1Oregon logo Oregon0-00-00.000
2Oregon State logo Oregon State0-00-00.000
3Stanford logo Stanford0-00-00.000
4Washington logo Washington0-00-00.000
5Washington State logo Washington State0-00-00.000
SEC - EastConfOverall%
1Georgia logo Georgia0-00-00.000
2Kentucky logo Kentucky0-00-00.000
3Missouri logo Missouri0-00-00.000
4South Carolina logo South Carolina0-00-00.000
5Tennessee logo Tennessee0-00-00.000
6Vanderbilt logo Vanderbilt0-00-00.000
SEC - WestConfOverall%
1Arkansas logo Arkansas0-00-00.000
2Auburn logo Auburn0-00-00.000
3LSU logo LSU0-00-00.000
4Mississippi State logo Mississippi State0-00-00.000
5Ole Miss logo Ole Miss0-00-00.000
6Texas A&M logo Texas A&M0-00-00.000
7Mississippi logo Mississippi--0.000
Sun BeltConfOverall%
1Idaho logo Idaho0-00-00.000
2Louisiana-Lafayette logo Louisiana-Lafayette0-00-00.000
3Louisiana-Monroe logo Louisiana-Monroe0-00-00.000
4New Mexico State logo New Mexico State0-00-00.000
5Troy logo Troy0-00-00.000
6Texas State logo Texas State0-00-00.000
7South Alabama logo South Alabama0-00-00.000
8Georgia State logo Georgia State0-00-00.000
9Appalachian State logo Appalachian State0-00-00.000
10Georgia Southern logo Georgia Southern0-00-00.000
Pacific-12 - SouthConfOverall%
1Arizona State logo Arizona State0-00-00.000
2Colorado logo Colorado0-00-00.000
3UCLA logo UCLA0-00-00.000
4USC logo USC0-00-00.000
5Utah logo Utah0-00-00.000
Big Ten - EastConfOverall%
1Maryland logo Maryland0-00-00.000
2Michigan logo Michigan0-00-00.000
3Michigan State logo Michigan State0-00-00.000
4Ohio State logo Ohio State0-00-00.000
5Penn State logo Penn State0-00-00.000
6Rutgers logo Rutgers0-00-00.000
The American - WestConfOverall%
Mountain West - WestConfOverall%