BCS Fan Poll - Pick 'em Game Rules


The Pick 'Em Game entry form is available all season.

If you have already submitted your picks, you can update/change them by just submitting your new picks while the entry form is open.

Javascript must be enabled to vote and you must have an account on this site and login first. If you have problems voting, please contact us in the forums or via E-mail: admin@cfbfanpoll.com


  1. A correct pick is worth 1 point. An incorrect pick is worth -1 points. The sum of correct and incorrect picks shall be a users score.
  2. Bowl Games may be given a higher point value, at the discretion of the staff. For example, the National Championship Game may be given a value of 5 points, and a correct pick would be worth 5 points, and an incorrect pick be worth -5 points.
  3. There are no "weekly" standings or contest. The game is always ongoing, and the entire season is the contest length. Each season users will start with 0 points.
  4. Only games involving two FBS teams playing are elgible.
  5. Users can enter their picks at any time until games are locked. Games become locked at midnight the day of the game. For example, games on September 3 are locked at 12:00 AM (server time) on September 3.
  6. Picks can be changed or deleted until they become locked.
  7. A game that is postponed to a later date will become available for re-picking as soon as the new date in entered into the system. A news post will likely be made about this. Games moved up to an earlier date may be declared invalid at the descretion of the staff and any and all picks voided (whether correct or not).
  8. In the event of a tie at the end of a season, the winner shall be determined by the greater number of picks correctly made.
  9. Any and all decisions by the administrative staff are final.

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