The voting booth is open Sunday through Thursday during the season based on server time. Official pollsters must vote Sunday or Monday for their poll to count towards the official poll. They may vote other than these two days to retain their official pollster status, but they may not change an official poll after Monday.

Current server time is: Sunday March 18 2018 5:52 am (EDT)

Voting booth is open in the off-season all week starting August 1st until the week before the first weekend of games when it is considered in season. After the final regular season week games the poll will close until after all bowl games are completed for the final champion poll.

You may change your poll by just submitting a new ballot while the booth is open (except as noted above for official pollsters).

Javascript must be enabled to vote. If you have problems voting, please contact us in the forums or via E-mail: admin )AT( cfbfanpoll.com


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