How do I join a group?

First, you must have a free account. You can register here.
Once you are logged in, go to your User Control Panel.
Next, click on Usergroups on the left under "Options".
Next, select the radio button next to the group you would like to join. (You can only join one group at a time.) At the bottom, make sure it says "Join Selected" and then click Submit.
You will then get a confirmation message, "Are you sure you wish to join this group?". Click "Yes". That's it. You're now a part of the group.*
If you would like to join more groups, simply repeat the process. You can join as many groups as you would like.

*Note: Some groups may have access control to control memberships. This is mainly for other sites that wish to control their membership. You may have to be approved by the group leader before being a part of the group.

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