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100k BCS Bucks on who makes the playoff?
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Author:  Crayton [ Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 100k BCS Bucks on who makes the playoff?

Time to make 100x your bet on Oklahoma or Colorado sneaking in or on Ohio State being snubbed? Place up to 1000 BCSBucks in bets this week; no per-team limit.

Reverse Odds

100x Alabama
100x Ohio State
6x Clemson [NVWolfpack 1000@3x]
2x Washington

Normal Odds
1x (Closed) Alabama [CFBRocks 250@3x & 250@1.1x, NVWolfpack 250@3x & 500@2.5x & 500@1.7x & 500@1.1]
1x (Closed) Ohio State [NVWolfpack 500@2.5x & 500@2.0x, CFBRocks 250@2.5x]
1.3x Clemson [stevenra 250@6x, CFBRocks 100@6x, & 250@1.1x, NVWolfpack 250@6x]
2x Washington [CFBRocks 250@2.5x, NVWolfpack 500@3x]
4x Wisconsin
4x Penn State
30x Michigan [stevenra 250@15x, PollMastaJ 1000@15x, NVWolfpack 250@15x & 250@10x]
100x Anybody Else
Oklahoma and Western Michigan still register between 0% and 2%

Other Bets
Louisville [stevenra 500@8x]
exas A&M [NVWolfpack 250@15x, stevenra 500@15x]
Georgia [NVWolfpack 250@25x]
Florida St [CFBRocks 100@20x]
Texas [NVWolfpack 250@35x]
Houston [NVWolfpack 250@5x, 250@4x]
Utah [stevenra 250@20x]
Tennessee [stevenra 250@35x, NVWolfpack 250@35x]
Army [NVWolfpack 250@100x]
NVWolfpack wrote:
Can I split 500 for Bammer and 500 for Washington?
It is so.

Crayton Projection Summary

Alabama and Ohio State are already in.
Clemson and Washington are in with wins.
Penn State or Wisconsin are in if Clemson OR Washington fall.
Oklahoma, Michigan, Western Michigan, and 11-2 Clemson are all neck-and-neck if both fall; even Sun Belt results will play a role in SOS for Oklahoma and Clemson.
Sorry, Colorado and OK State are out; Colorado is close behind Clemson and Michigan and we'd like to think the committee would put the Buffaloes in before they put in THREE Big Ten teams.

Author:  Crayton [ Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 100k BCS Bucks on who makes the playoff?

I guess the "correct" way to do this would have been to frame odds as a ratio of make it : don't make it. But it's cool, I was planning on losing 100k anyway.

Alabama (CFBRocks 750+275, NVWolfpack 750+1250+850+550)
Ohio State (NVWolfpack 1250+1000, CFBRocks 625)
Clemson (stevenra 1500, CFBRocks 600+275, NVWolfpack 1500)
Washington (CFBRocks 625, NVWolfpack 1500)

Lost Bets:
NVWolfpack (1000 against Clemson, 250+250 on Michigan, 250 on Oklahoma, 250 on Texas A&M, 250 on Georgia, 250 on Texas, 250+250 on Houston, 250 on Tennessee, 250 on Army)
CFBRocks (100 on Oklahoma, 100 on Florida St)
stevenra (250 on Michigan, 500 on Louisville, 250 on Utah, 250 on Tennessee)
PollMastaJ (1000 on Michigan)

NVWolfpack (8650 earned, -3500 blown, 5150 sent)
CFBRocks (3150 earned, -200 blown, 2950 sent)
stevenra (1500 earned, -1250 blown, 250 sent)
PollMastaJ (1000 owed on that Michigan bet, payed)

Total 7,350 of 100,000 given away. I guess that means the house wins!

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