Unofficial BCS Fan Poll believes that the fans should be involved in deciding what team is crowned national champion and the teams selected for the top bowls. Why are only the head coaches and selected sports journalists allowed to make this selection? There are several million fans that can and should be allowed to participate.


  1. Vote honorably.
    1. All newcomers must serve a minimum of 4 weeks in provisional status.*
    2. Once the 4 week period has passed, they must apply to become an official pollster where their 4-week voting period (or more) will be reviewed by the community. If deemed honorable by the community with a majority, they are then granted official pollster status.
    3. Any official vote can be challenged. If the community consensus agrees, the poll with be removed from official and the pollster will lose their status.**
  2. Vote regularly.
    1. You must vote weekly to retain your official pollster status. Only votes submitted by official pollsters on Sunday or Monday will count towards the site's poll for that week. An official pollster may submit a poll Tuesday through Thursday in order not to lose their official pollster status, but the poll will not count for that week's official poll.
    2. Failure to submit a poll in a week will cause an official pollster to lose their status. They are eligible to re-apply for status after two consecutive polling weeks after removal. (Brandon Rule)


  • * One-time exception was granted for users who registered prior to the 2007 season.
  • ** Errors realized after the voting has closed but before any dishonorable vote claim will be corrected and forgiven unless routine.
  • All polls are public at all times.
  • Put your bias aside. Seriously. (Vote Honorably).

How to participate:

  • Goto the forums and register.
  • Vote, when the voting booth is open (Sundays and Mondays).
  • Comply with these rules (always).
  • Spread the word! (Thanks!)

Each individual ballot from an Official Pollster is combined in the same manner as the Coaches, AP, and Harris Poll. Each first place vote receives 25 points, each second place vote received 24 points, third place received 23 points and so forth, until the 25th place team gets 1 point. The points are combined and the team with the most points is #1, second most number of points is number 2 and so forth. After the end of the official voting period, and a reasonable amount of time to weed out any bad votes, the poll becomes official. You may also see the total votes involving the probationary voters that are not counted in the official poll, but this may include bad voters.


Want to help out with the concept? Post up, spread the word! Techy web people are also needed. Inquire within in the forums.

About this site is an independent website not associated in any way with the Bowl Championship Series. is a site that is for entertainment only, allowing fans to vote on the top 25 college football teams in America.  Beyond voting in our fan poll, our visitors participate in contests and discuss the sport in a friendly forum. The site is owned and operated by Brett Haynes, who purchased the site from the original owner following the 2010 season. Haynes is a 2002 Clemson University graduate who has visited nearly all of the top college football stadiums in the Southeast. His handle on the site is “The Top Fan.”


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